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In its simplest form E2S allows you to import your data from Excel to Sage with just one click. With the ability to import over 30 different transaction types E2S is a very versatile, powerful yet easy to use solution for getting your data into Sage.


We didn't stop there though, our advanced version of E2S, known as E2SA allows you to import your data from different sources such as CSV, XML, JSON, SQL, MySQL and many more.



M2S or Mobile2Sage as we know it, allows users to capture data on their mobile device (iPad / iPhone) and import that into Sage. For example photos of work carried out, customer signatures etc. 

Our fully tailorable solution utilises the functionality of the mobile devices to perhaps capture signatures on delivery or scanning barcodes to create and populate sales orders. 



Sage2SQL utilises the power of Microsoft SQL by exporting data from Sage and injecting it into a more useful and easy to use SQL database.

Once your Sage data is in SQL tables it becomes much easier to integrate with other databases of third party applications/software.



EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and all the major retailers such as Sainsburys, John Lewis, Tesco, Waitrose, etc. will be using it.


So if you're looking to trade with them you'll need to accommodate their EDI requirements. EDI2Sage enables you to do just that, it allows you to facilitate importing EDI orders into Sage, stock catalogue look-ups and the ability to export your sales invoices in EDI format too.



Dochyperlink enhances your Sage reports and layouts to allow cloud based retrieval of related documents with just one click. 

The best example and most popular use for this technology is to enable customers to download their copy invoices from their e-statement.

Credit control departments chasing debts are always confronted with reasons like I've not received the invoice, dochyperlink eliminates that reason.

Customers issued with their electronic statement by email, upon opening their enhanced e-statement they can now access any of the invoices listed by simply clicking the invoice no. and they're presented with the copy of that invoice on screen.


Sage Report Scheduler

SRS enables a scheduled run of Sage reports that are generated from a command line interface, meaning your Sage reports can now be scheduled to run around the clock.


The report scheduler has quickly proven to be a valuable addition to our E2S Ecosystem. 


One particular application whereby our report scheduler has been of great benefit, was to automate the generation of Stock reports overnight for use with an eCommerce application.

Another example is the automated generation and distribution of aged debtor reports to the credit control team so they have it ready each and every morning.

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