The process of wayfair2sage

EDI Order

Stock Balances

Advanced Shipping Note (ASN)

EDI Invoice


Wayfair2Sage makes light work of processing your Wayfair orders.

​​Efficiently processing your orders keeping your Sage and stock level data up-to-date and reducing your data-entry time.


  • Stock Levels are more accurate

  • Sage data becomes more useful

Quick and easy processing

  • Increase order processing speeds

  • Provide more accurate data for reporting

  • Reduce processing and data-entry time

Take a load off, with wayfair2sage

Import EDI Orders from Wayfair

  • Allocate Stock to orders in Sage

Despatch Orders in Sage

  • Reduces stock balances

  • Automatically creates Sage Invoices

Exports / Uploads to Wayfair

  • Update Wayfair Stock Balances 

  • EDI Invoices sent to Wayfair

  • Advances Shipping Notes (ASN)

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Sage Pay Approved Partner
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