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Sage 50 Accounts Magento Integration



As the preferred accounts solution for many businesses, Sage 50 delivers a wide range of advanced accounting features, however when you have an Ecommerce platform such as Magento you need to tightly integrate this with your accounts package. Our Sage 50 Magento integration solution automatically transfers orders and key data from Magento to Sage accounts thus reducing data entry time and reducing errors.


Improved Business Efficiency

Sage 50 Magento integration offers increased business efficiency as there is no longer the need for wasteful administration or data entry. This improves your business profitability and streamlines business processes.

Eliminate Time Consuming Data Entry and Reduce Human Data Errors


By integrating Magento with Sage 50 allows your business to eliminate repetitive data entry for orders and customer details as this is automatically synchronised, automating this process has the benefit of reducing data entry errors that occur when rekeying data from your Magento Ecommerce website.

One Integrated System


One of the key benefits of connecting Magento with Sage 50 is that you have one tightly integrated system that avoids having multiple data silos, this in turn, makes your business more efficient and streamlined.


Manage Orders Quickly and Efficiently, Significant Decrease in Order Despatch Times

Orders and customer details are automatically synchronised between Magento and Sage 50 which allows you to manage orders quickly and efficiently, so you can pick, pack and despatch orders quickly to the customer, this also has the effect of significantly reducing the order despatch time.

Accurate and Up to Date Stock Figures


By connecting Magento with Sage 50 allows your business to have up to date and accurate stock figures so you can facilitate orders knowing that you have enough stock for customer orders. Having up to date stock figures also allows your business to have accurate financial reports in Sage 50 for management to review.

Automatically transfer orders and Customer Details from Magento to Sage 50

Our integration solution for Sage 50 and Magento automatically transfers orders with customer details so you can quickly pick pack and despatch orders, so customers get their orders quickly which also improves customer satisfaction.

Works with all versions of Sage 50

Our integration solution Excel2Sage works with all versions of Sage 50 and we are always developing the software to work with the latest versions of Sage 50.

Summary of key benefits

  • Sage 50 Magento integration allows you to synchronise key order and customer data.

  • Reduced data entry errors.

  • Maintain accurate stock figures.

  • A decrease in order fulfilment times.

  • One solution avoiding silos of information.

  • Greater product line profitability.

  • Accurate and up to date stock figures.

  • Works with all versions of Sage 50.

  • Red IT are the leading Sage integration experts and we offer high levels of customer support with hundreds of satisfied customers.


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