Sage 50 Accounts eBay Integration


If you are looking to integrate Sage 50 with eBay we have developed a comprehensive integration solution that automatically transfers information between eBay and Sage accounts. It has a wide range of functionality that enables you to synchronise accounts data, including stock, orders, transactions, product information and much more.

Effortless Integration between Sage 50 and eBay

Thousands of businesses in the UK use eBay as their preferred eCommerce platform and if you are looking to start a new business, open up a new sales channel, liquidate excess stock then eBay is an effective and profitable sales channel. By integrating the UK’s most popular accounts system Sage with eBay means you can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Reduce Time Consuming and Expensive Data Entry Costs

Our integration software Excel2Sage links eBay with Sage 50, a key benefit of this application is that it allows your business to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive manual data entry tasks and it allows you to automatically update thousands of records instantly.

Increase Data Entry Accuracy


When you manually add, update records and transactions between eBay and your accounts software you are prone to data entry errors which can result in costly mistakes for your business. Our integration software allows you to increase data entry accuracy, which means easier fulfilment whilst helping you to maintain high customer service levels.


Accurate and Up To Date Financial Reporting

Maintaining up to date and accurate financial reports in Sage is crucial to give your business a valuable insight into how you are performing. When data is automatically synchronised you have all the relevant data in one place for accurate financial reporting and forecasting.


Schedule Timely Data Updates

Our Sage 50 eBay integration gives you the power to schedule in data transfers and updates to suit your exact business requirements. Data can be downloaded and updated between as frequently as you want.


Update Stock, Customer Orders, Pick Pack and Dispatch Orders

Our integration software for eBay and Sage 50 allows you to download eBay orders into your account package, so you can quickly pick, pack and dispatch orders. By having the two systems linked means that you can update and synchronise stock levels across all channels. Excel2Sage allows your business to maximise the full potential of your accounts software.


Summary of the Benefits of Sage 50 eBay Integration.

  • Key data between eBay and Sage 50 are automatically synchronised.

  • Reduces data entry time and errors which helps reduce operational costs.

  • Speeds up the time it takes to fulfil orders from eBay, so you can easily pick, pack and despatch customer orders.

  • Supports all UK versions of Sage 50 accounts.

  • Allows you to have accurate and up to date financial reports.

  • Avoid silos of information as all key data is stored in one place.

  • Maintain accurate and up to date stock levels.

  • Maximise the full potential of your accounts software.



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