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Building the solution your business needs

Different organisations need varying degrees of sophistication indifferent parts of their operation. The modular nature of Sage ERP 1000 lets you build the solution you need, deploying only the elements you need when you need them, rather than requiring you to implement the software in its entirety. 


Designed specifically for mid sized businesses based in the UK, Sage ERP 1000 delivers everything you would expect from an established ERP solution, with the ability to implement only the functionality you require, and without lengthy development work.

Keeping things simple – from implementation to ownership

From ease of customisation to a low total cost of implementation and ownership, we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to gain the sophisticated benefits offered by Sage ERP 1000.


As the solution is browser based the user can be anywhere, enabling desktop deployment to be kept to a minimum in terms of both administration and hardware costs.


By choosing a modular, integrated solution from a single supplier,software acquisition and implementation is simplified. Red IT Solutions Limited provide all the services required for a quick implementation cycle, from deployment, training and purchasing licenses, to upgrading and support licensing agreements.


As the solution is integrated by design you avoid the issues associated with trying to bring together disparate products from multiple vendors.

A single view of your business and customers

Combining front and back office functionality leads to many benefitsgiving you one view of information enterprise wide, and increasing your ability to compete effectively. 


Processes can flow into one another across your entire company, eliminating the need to re-key information so your people can work in the most efficient and accurate way possible.


Collaboration within teams and across departments is enhanced through the integration of both information and processes organisation wide, while everyone that needs it has an instant and accurate view ofyour business to facilitate faster and better informed decisions.


A single view of the customer from first contact, through the sales process to invoice will give all teams across your business consistent information and an improved customer experience.


Synchronised, accurate, up to date data displayed in a relevant systemproviding a 360 degree view of the business from suppliers to finance.


Enabling you to manage multiple sites and multiple companies, whether based in the UK, France or Germany, all within one solution. You can consolidate any and all of your operations, whatever their accounting and analysis structures, and currencies in which you operate.

Driving management decisions with accurate data

Through its single source of powerful management information, Sage ERP 1000 Business Intelligence enables you to access and understand business critical information, simply and easily. Capable of analysing data from Sage software or any other data driven application, our analytical reporting tools give you complete freedom to combine and interrogate your data in any way you wish.


With access to metrics that are not easily measured using more traditional reporting tools, you can identify key trends and patterns inyour business, enabling you to strategically plan for growth and change.


Pinpointing exceptions and anomalies, such as areas of unexpectedly high or low performance, you can analyse inefficient processes. Enabling you to take a proactive approach to achieving operational goals you are also able to identify opportunities for innovation, productivityimprovements and growth.


Giving you a clear understanding of operational drivers, your data is transformed into actionable information, making you more responsive and better able to manage every aspect of your organisation.


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Finance Management

Delivering timely and accurate reporting and analysis, the accounting, finance and payroll functionality enables you to react to changes in day-to-day business, at the same time as supporting strategic decisions.


• Providing you with detailed information on which to base decisions about your entire business, it offers comprehensive analysis options that make it possible to capture every detail of yourcompany’s financial status.


• Configured to meet international requirements it can report in multiple currencies and at any levelin the company hierarchy.


• Giving you the functionality and information you need to manage every element of your finances, t can help improve your cash management while integrating seamlessly with your payroll.


Customer Relationship Management

Robust, scalable and flexible. Sage ERP 1000 CRM solutions are designed toprovide you with a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing,customer service and support.


• Customisable to meet your exact needs, you are able to build strong relationships with prospects and customers, with effective marketing campaigns, sales pipeline management, and the delivery of outstanding customer service.


• Easy to use and fast to deploy, Sage CRM solutions can be tailored to match your individual business needs, helping you to streamline internal processes.


• Whether you operate at a single site or want access to vital customer information wherever you are, we can support your needs, via the internet.


• Driving efficiency through marketing, sales and customer automation, you can provide your people withthe information and processes they need, while ensuring everyone shares the same view of the prospector customer.


Project Control

Giving you complete control over all the financial aspects of your projects and theirassociated budgets, you are able to identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs, it simplifies data capture and provides the information you needto improve profitability.


• You have easy access to the current status, including costs incurred and billed revenue, any time you need it.


• It’s possible to set up a range of parent and child projects with multi dimensional cost and revenue codes, which you can then analyse from any angle, across any part of your organisation.



Supporting your ability to manage manufacturing resources and keep tight financial control of associated material and processing costs, the manufacturing capabilities enable you to monitor and report on any shop floor issues that could affect productivity. Identifying bottlenecks and highlighting areas where you are not operating to your full potential, they also help drive waste out of your organisation.


• Fully MRP-compliant, it supports your ability to meet both very specific individual customer requirementsand different manufacturing modes.


• Providing access to information on work in progress and real-time valuations of completed operations,you can quickly identify issues that may affect your manufacturing output.


• Covering mixed-mode manufacturing, Sage ERP 1000 supports the production of standard orconfigured products.


Sales and Distribution

Enabling you to monitor and improve the way you source components and materials, you can achieve greater efficiency in the provision of products and services, driving down costs and increasing profitability.


Creating a centrally managed, flexible purchasing function, you are put in full control of your supply chain.


• Managing all the stages of stock management through to authorising payments to suppliers, it enablesyou to minimise your stock and reduce lead times.


• Supporting the electronic exchange of information and documents in universal EDI and XML-formats,distribution can be speeded up and errors reduced.


• Flexible enough to accommodate individual customer’s specific requirements it also connects to thesales side of your operations, so that stock records are automatically updated in response to purchases.



Sage ERP 1000


Sage ERP 1000 is an integrated business management solution that serves all departments across your organisation. Supporting customers who operate solely in the UK, or who have French and German subsidiaries, Sage ERP 1000 offers a purpose built range of integrated modules that can span your entire enterprise, whether your business operates multiple companies or perhaps across multiple sites. Combining scalability and functionality that covers all aspects of your business from finance to distribution, manufacturing to project services, payroll to customer relationship management solutions (CRM) to time recording and billing. 


Helping to integrate processes and information, Sage ERP 1000 enables you to create a concise, accurate and complete view of your business. With a single enterprise wide source of information and control, you can manage the different elements of your organisation, helping to drive profitability and streamline your operations.

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