E2S Excel2Sage

Your Data From Excel to Sage

Compatible with UK/Irish Sage 50 Cloud Accounts

E2S standard software imports your data from our Excel template into Sage accounts. 

E2SA is an enhanced version of E2S which can handle data from most systems/formats and can be automated.

Easy to Use

Fast & Powerful

Eliminates Errors

Saves Time

First Class Support

What information can you import?


  • Customers | Suppliers | Projects

  • Customer Delivery Addresses

  • Sales Invoices | Sales Credits

  • Sales Orders | Sales Receipts

  • Sales Service Invoices | Sales Service Credits

  • Sales Product Invoices | Sales Product Credits

  • Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits

  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments

  • Products  | Stock Adjustments

  • Price Lists | Prices

  • Bank Payments | Bank Receipts

  • Nominal Journals

  • Project Transactions

Excel to Sage - Automation and Mapping

E2SA can be configured to map any consistent data  into the format required for an E2S import. 

E2SA can convert and import your data to Sage in seconds, on a timed basis if required.

What sources can you import from?

     ... more being added all the time

Import types for Sage - Import data into Sage
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Login to Sage 50 as 'manager'


Add new user in : SETTINGS > ACCESS RIGHTS (connector/p@ssw0rd)

Download E2S trial and follow the installation instructions provided

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Prices start from £550+VAT per annum for a standard desktop solution


Our prices will change based on market conditions and changes introduced by software vendors (eg Sage)