Get your data into Sage quickly and accurately and start putting your valuable time to better use.

Your time is valuable, make better use of it. 

What information can you import?


  • Customers | Suppliers | Projects

  • Customer Delivery Addresses

  • Sales Invoices | Sales Credits

  • Sales Orders | Sales Receipts

  • Sales Service Invoices | Sales Service Credits

  • Sales Product Invoices | Sales Product Credits

  • Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits

  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments

  • Products  | Stock Adjustments

  • Price Lists | Prices

  • Bank Payments | Bank Receipts

  • Nominal Journals

  • Project Transactions

What sources can you import from?

  • Amazon

  • Shopify

  • Handshake

  • RubiCRM

  • eBay

  • XLS/XLSX spreadsheets

  • XML files

  • A SQL database

  • CSV files

Our standard E2S software was initially designed

to simply import your data you've created in Excel

into Sage accounts in the same way you would

have logged into Sage and keyed it in manually. 

However, as the import solution has developed, we have introduced E2SA an enhanced version of E2S whereby data can be taken from various other sources and with the option of making the process automated.

Importing your day-to-day transactions

Invoices, orders, payments, receipts etc. imported straight from a spreadsheet directly into Sage couldn't be easier with E2S. 


With just one click you'll find your transactions have been entered into Sage, which means no more re-keying data.

Developed for those who felt more comfortable working in Microsoft Excel than within Sage. 


Our E2S software (formerly Excel2Sage) uses template spreadsheets to import your data into Sage with just one click. If you're spending hours re-keying data into Sage, E2S could be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Perhaps you have an ecommerce website or an Amazon or ebay store


Taking orders every day that need to be entered into your Sage software. Our E2S software with Automation module will make light work importing thousands of orders a day into your Sage system within minutes.

Buy E2S from our Online Store

Prices start from £500+VAT per annum for a standard desktop solution

Import orders from an eCommerce store or website


Many of our existing customers are selling on an eBay store, Amazon or even their own eCommerce website. E2S really comes into its own when it's used with the E2S Automation add-on.


Our E2S Automation add-on will automatically map the web order data exported from your website or eCommerce store into the format required for an E2S import. 


Leaving you to simply click the import button within the E2S Connector and your sales orders will be in Sage in no time at all.


You also have the option to schedule the import process to r un at regular intervals thro ughout the day, automatically importing your data to Sage, you won't even need to click a button!

The Benefits Of E2S

Easy to Use

Installed and configured within minutes, features a clean 'click to import' interface

Fast & powerful

Capable of importing thousands of transactions in seconds

Eliminates Errors

Imports directly from the spreadsheet without the need to re-key into Sage


Once configured, with our automation add-on you can automate the process to be run regularly

Time Saver

E2S has already saved users over 250,000 hours of data entry time, put your time to better use.

First Class Support

Our E2S support team provides first-class support should you encounter any issues. 

How to enable Third-Party Integration in Sage 50
Step 1

  • Login to Sage 50 as 'manager'

  • from the top menu select: TOOLS > ACTIVATION > THIRD-PARTY INTEGRATION

Step 2

  • Enter the appropriate Third-Party Integration Serial No. & Activation Key for your software:

Note: Third-Party Integration is AUTOMATICALLY ENABLED from v24.2 onward

Third-Party Integration Keys:

Sage Accounts 2018 (v24)

Serial number: SAGESDO

Activation key: ZHIEKPK

Sage Accounts 2017 (v23)
Serial number: SAGESDO
Activation key: RCYLSWK


Sage Accounts 2016 (v22)
Serial number: SAGESDO
Activation key: EAHDFBL


Sage Accounts 2015 (v21)
Serial number: SAGESDO
Activation key: IIYFDYJ


Buy E2S from our Online Store

Prices start from £500+VAT per annum for a standard desktop solution

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