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Enhance your own FileMaker solution to integrate with Sage50


What information can you import?


  • Customers | Suppliers | Projects

  • Customer Delivery Addresses

  • Sales Invoices | Sales Credits

  • Sales Orders | Sales Receipts

  • Sales Service Invoices | Sales Service Credits

  • Sales Product Invoices | Sales Product Credits

  • Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits

  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments

  • Products  | Stock Adjustments

  • Price Lists | Prices

  • Bank Payments | Bank Receipts

  • Nominal Journals

  • Project Transactions

Free 30 day trial includes 

  • fmp12 file and scripts 

  • E2SA trial software

FileMaker Pro / Pro Advanced needs to be installed on your desktop or iOS device

Compatible with UK/Irish Sage 50 Cloud Accounts
FM2Sage Software Download
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Buy FileMaker2Sage50 

Desktop licence costs £935+VAT per annum 

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, please review our Mobile2Sage solutions


Sage on the go - mobile to sage


M2S allows users to capture data on their mobile device (iPad / iPhone) and send and receive real-time Sage data.

Commonly used for sales orders or invoices, time sheets or expenses, it can also use the functionality of the mobile device to capture signatures, scan bar codes and more ...

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