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from CSV to Sage

Compatible with UK/Irish Sage 50 Cloud Accounts and Sage 200

CSV files from any source loaded to Sage in seconds with E2S



  • Any Ecommerce downloads (eg Amazon)

  • Any Cloud-based software - no API or customisation required

Configured to map any consistent data into the format required for an E2S import

Functions available include

•    Consolidation of multiple files for loading to Sage

•    Sage Lookups for validation of data before loading
•    Bespoke logic for data not provided (eg nominal mapping, departments, analysis)

•    Creation/Amendment of static data in Sage (eg customers) on the fly



What information can you import?

Transactional Data Loads                                   

  • Sales Invoices | Sales Credits 

  • Sales Orders | Sales Receipts 

  • Service Invoices | Service Credits

  • Product Invoices | Product Credits

  • Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits

  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments

  • Stock Adjustments

  • Bank Payments | Bank Receipts | Bank Transfers

  • Nominal Journals

  • Project Transactions

Static Data Loads                       

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Products

  • Price Lists

  • Prices

  • Projects

  • Delivery Addresses

Sample CSV -  to be loaded to Sage as Sales Orders or Product Invoices

Sample CSV - multiple column fees loaded to Sage as Purchase Invoices and Credits

Book a 30 minute meeting to establish requirements and arrange a trial to see how Red IT's
CSV2Sage integration works with your own data.

Use form below to send a sample CSV file for conversion
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