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Dochyperlink, Sage 200 Suite, Docuscan, Document Scanner, Sales Invoices, Sage CRM, Improve Cashflow

How does getting no more requests for duplicate invoices sound to you? 


Picture the scenario, your credit control team calls a customer to request payment for an outstanding invoice. Your customer tells them that they haven't received that invoice or perhaps they weren't sure what it was for when they saw it on their statement. This typical scenario slows cash collection down and makes credit control more difficult.


Dochyperlink video

What does it do?


Dochyperlink allows your customers to easily download a copy of their invoices/credit notes without the need for staff intervention, making credit control and debt collection easier and much more effective. No more "I never received that invoice" scenario.

How does it work?


Dochyperlink works by enhancing existing Sage documentation (statements) by embedding clever links into the document allowing customers to download their own copy invoices/credit notes. Dochyperlink will not only save you time but it'll improve your cash flow at the same time.


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  • Improve Cash Collection - No need to send duplicate documents

  • Quick & Easy - Simple, one click shows the document

  • Hassle Free - No need for process changes or staff intervention

  • Easy to Setup - Installed & configured in under a day

  • Unlimited - Unrestricted number of dochyperlinks

Our results have shown that some dochyperlink users have

improved their cash collection by up to 80%.

For more information on dochyperlink please contact us on 0207 965 7142

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