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Sage 50 Accounts Shopify Integration


Shopify Exchange with Sage 50 Cloud accounts allows you to integrate multi-channel sales from your Shopify platform with your Sage50 accounts and can include the following:

From Shopify to Sage:

•    Customer Details
•    Product Details
•    Orders 
•    Payments 
•    Refunds 

From Sage to Shopify:

•    Inventory Levels 

Each integration can be specified to your requirements, allowing you to amalgamate Sage analysis and coding with each sale made in Shopify.

The interaction between Sage and Shopify can be fully automated and run multiple times daily on a scheduled basis, with optional email notifications of data loads.

Alternatively, the process can allow data to be reviewed prior to importing to Sage, depending on your business requirements.

Our support agreement ensures that the software is kept up to date in respect of both the APIs from Shopify and Sage versions, as they are released.

The licence agreement includes use of Excel2Sage – with 35 different import types to speed up your data entry.

Why choose Shopify Exchange

•    Synchronise records in Shopify and Sage 50
•    Seamless integration

•    Can be fully automated with option for manual runs
•    Customised to your business requirements
•    Simple to use
•    Created by experienced Sage developers
•    Runs using Excel2Sage 
•    First class support

Additional enhanced solutions are also available, please advise us of your specific business requirements.

Shopify Exchange is available on a free trial basis for a 14 day period

Book a 30 minute meeting to establish requirements and arrange a trial to see how Red IT's Shopify and Sage integration works with your own data.

Shopify book meetin

Call Red IT today on 0207 965 7142 

or complete the form below to discuss your requirements

or book a trial setup


Buy Shopify Exchange for Sage50

Desktop licences start at £1,500+VAT per annum 

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