E2S 50 - Import Solution for Sage 50 Accounts

E2S 50 Software & Licence Renewals

New to E2S 50? Purchase the licence here, request a licence from within E2S connector you have downloaded and we will email your licence key.

E2S 50 - Licence Transfer / Re-install 

Consultancy charge to transfer an existing E2S 50 licence to a new/renamed machine and assistance to install and configure E2S for use.

E2S 50 - Add-ons 

Customised Convertors used in conjunction with E2S Automated Version (annual charge)
available for CSV, XLS, XML and SQL imports


Transpose 50 - Import Solution for Sage 50

Transpose 50 Software

Transpose is a sophisticated import solution originally developed by the late Steve Blencowe of SBS Limited and continues to play an important part in many businesses. Visit our product page for more information on Transpose by selecting 'more info'.

Transpose 50 - Licence Renewal Only

This Licence Renewal can be purchased if you have already bought Transpose 50 software from us. Previous versions of Transpose bought from SBS unfortunately cannot be relicenced without buying the software first.

Transpose 50 - Licence Transfer / Re-installation on New PC

Transfer your existing Transpose licence to a new machine. Once purchased please contact support to advise of the machine name you wish to transfer the licence to and from please email support your help.dat file from the install directory of Transpose.

Transpose 50 - Version Upgrade

Upgrade your Transpose software for use with a newer version of Sage 50 Accounts. Once purchased, contact support to advise of the machine name you wish to upgrade please also email support your help.dat file located in the install directory of Transpose.

Transpose 50 - 'Backup PC' Licence

Transpose plays an important role in your business, in the case of a disaster on the machine it's installed on, you might want Transpose installed onto a 'Backup PC' machine for such worst case scenario, setup identically to continue to process orders, etc. Once purchased please email support advising of the machine name of the 'backup PC'


Other Solutions

EDI2Sage - Software

Retail giants such as Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, etc. all work with EDI orders. EDI2Sage will allow you to import their EDI data directly into Sage, process the Sales Orders as normal, then automatically export the Sales Invoice back to the retailers via EDI helping to make the process fast and efficient.

Sage2SQL -  Software

Our Sage2SQL software does exactly what it says on the tin, it will take the data you require from your Sage 50 Accounts system and into a SQL database where it can be used in conjunction with other databases/systems that might require it. eg. CRM / Client Relationship Management software.

Dochyperlink -  Software

Dochyperlink is your 'virtual credit controller' for Sage 50 and is improving the cash flow of businesses everywhere. By enhancing your customer statements with dochyperlink, invoices listed are now live links to their sales invoices. Customers will no longer be asking for copy invoices! Contact us for a free, no obligation trial.

Sage Report Schedule (SRS)

Automate the generation of your Sage reports whenever you want. With the help of SRS you could automatically produce Sage reports overnight and distribute them to key personnel so they'll have up-to-date reports to work from when they arrive the next day. 


Schedule the generation of any Sage report as regularly and as often as you want, this can prove to be a vital solution when you've a busy system that can slow to a grinding halt when producing reports throughout the working day. *Price shown excludes VAT


Sage2APC -  Software

For businesses using the APC delivery service, you'll be used to retyping the addresses from Sage into the APC website for label printing. With Sage2APC this is a thing of the past, no more rekeying, the software will simply copy the addresses from Sage for you. For more information and a no obligation free trial, please contact us.