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E2S is a fantastic piece of software. It allows us to upload several hundred transactions into Sage in a matter of minutes.


Saving us literally hours of time every day and is the vital link between our operational and accounting systems.


We have had fantastic support though set-up and early use and I would thoroughly endorse and recommend this product.

Sam Dance, Head of Finance at Student Castle

We purchased E2S to assist with an overworked accounts function. We have a network of thirteen training centres delivering course of different types and the job of posting monthly journals for rent, sales apportioned by centre, course type, trainer costs, travel expenses, course material costs and salaries has always been a real chore.


The difference this software has made is incredible and the user support has been the best I’ve encountered.

Steve Warren, Director at Activia Training

E2S has turned a weekly job of about 40 hours into a job of 15 minutes! It is a vehicle for getting maximum work done with minimal resources.


On top of this is the excellent assistance from the E2S support team who are always very proactive with their assistance.

Luke Downer, Financial Controller at

Having dragged us into the 21st century kicking and screaming, with an app for taking orders in this field, I needed the final piece of the puzzle, finding a way to upload the order into Sage.


Having found the E2S software on YouTube and trialling the software, we knew we had found that final piece. The support from the team if anything goes wrong or if something is not understood is fantastic.


For what works outs at £1 a day, where can I find anybody else to employ that will manually input our orders into Sage as accurately and quickly for less?

Dan Grayson, Partner at Toolman

Excel2Sage is a great product, very easy to use and saves a great deal of time during data entry. Increased accuracy is achieved, as any errors that may occur from manually typing data into Sage are eliminated. The support team have been excellent as well – timely and helpful responses. Highly recommended.

Stewart Head, Assistant Financial Controller at Pharmexx

Since I’ve been using E2S it’s literally saving me hours every week of data entry time, I simply couldn’t do without it!


Whenever I’ve had issues, the support team have been exceptional.


If you use Sage 50, this product is a definate must buy!

Teresa Steventon, Office Manager at Mando Solutions

What a great product! Hours of data entering done in minutes, wish I had this years ago! Easy to install, easy to use, support staff were extremely helpful in helping us tailor the product to our specific needs, now runs like a dream! 
If you use Sage then look at this product to see how much time it could save you.

Graham Hutton, Director at Daniels & Co Chartered Accountants

An absolute must have product! After our trial version of E2S expired, I hadn’t realised how much of an integral part of my day to day work E2S had become, I just had to buy it!


It continues to save me enormous amounts of time and it’s so easy to use.

Annette Boulter ACCA, Commercial Manager at Hidrostal

Absolutely Brilliant! I am currently saving approximately 80% of my processing time using E2S. I would recommend it to anyone.

Steve Morris, Director at

E2S has been very easy to set up. Simply install the software, knock up a few FileMaker scripts and you're good to go. Our FileMaker scripts simply export the system's data into spreadsheets allowing E2S to take over and work, it's magic! - it couldn't be easier!
Since going live with the E2S solution, we have not encountered any problems with the data transfer at all! Anything that has caught us out has been down to user error, which is unavoidable with any solution.
Our clients who have the E2S solution in place are happy with its performance. Eliminating the need to enter data into Sage manually has resulted in boosted confidence and a more positive attitude to the ENTIRE FileMaker system.
The Red IT team has been very helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their customer service and support is top class and I look forward to working with them on future projects. I cannot recommend E2S enough, it is outstanding and does the job perfectly.

Tom Guise, Siso Systems Limited

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