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Check Log File for any Error Messages and follow appropriate instructions below before submitting support request

Check log with "Errors" filter on to highlight errors

The log will explain why a load has failed if it is data related:


PurchaseOrders | FAIL | 2001 | 2001 | UploadPurchaseOrdersToSage - Stock Code BOARD002 not found, post failed
PurchaseOrders | FAIL | 2002 | 2002 | Purchase Order 2002 Post Failed, no supplier 
PurchaseOrders | ERROR |  |  | Finished loading 2 Purchase Orders to Sage with 2 errors

.NET Error: The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

The Access Driver required by E2S is missing on your machine.

Go to C:\Excel2SageConnector and run AccessDatabaseEngine.exe to reinstall the Microsoft driver

Error reading Excel data. Check all fields are present.

Refer to Help file for details of all fields required for this load.

If you are using an old template, please check

You can also use the Enhanced Excel Check feature which will identify which fields are missing

Error connecting to Sage - Username is already in use

Our default user is connector with a password of p@ssw0rd 

You may get this message if E2S failed to log out when last used.

Check in Sage in the “User List” to see the active users, and remove connector.
Alternatively, log in and out of Sage as the user connector to clear the session.


Error connecting to Sage - Program is in exclusive mode. Logon cannot proceed

Sage is busy doing a backup - once completed E2S will be able to connect as normal.

Error connecting to Sage - data files are wrong version

Please have a look at the help information on Changing your Sage Version to resolve this.

Error connecting to Sage - Invalid or incorrect username or password

The username\password being used in the E2S Connector has not been setup in Sage company 

Our default user is connector with a password of p@ssw0rd 

If you have multiple Sage companies using E2S, the login and password need to be the same on all companies.

Ensure name and password match in Sage and E2S

Error getting data from Excel - Numeric Format

The data in the field is in the wrong format, the most common is the InvRef field. If you have only entered a number in this field, MS Excel will have formatted the field into a Number format. Prefix the first number with an apostrophe ' and the data will then be recognised and loaded.

Alternatively, enable the Enhanced Excel Check feature - see information in the Help file:

Cannot open SETUP.DTA

Your Sage data is held on another machine and E2S cannot find the Sage Company names held in the local registry. 

In version 2020.09.1 onwards,  E2S will look for Sage company locations whenever the Company tab is opened.

To override this and amend manually, enable the "Update Companies Manually" option in Configuration.

Save Configuration and then the company name field will be available to edit in the Company tab.

Save all Changes when complete.

If you still need assistance, ask for help:


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