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Turn your Sage 50 data into a powerful reporting tool

Our Sage2SQL software is a crucial tool for the slicing and dicing of data. Allowing you to transfer your Sage 50 data into a more useful SQL database for greater analysis of data. The software can also be used in conjunction with other third party programs such as FileMaker.


The CORE Sage2SQL module is installed either on a Desktop or Server. Individual licences are then required based on the number of Sage companies you wish to analyse.

Sage 50 companies with large amounts of data find that the use of the normal Sage reporting does not give them the performance they need.


In these circumstances, it is much easier to use the power and flexibility of MS SQL Server to:

  • Produce reports

  • Share the data with other applications - eg. websites, Power BI, etc.

  • Consolidated with other applications \ Sage companies - eg. linking Sage 50 data to manufacturing data, consolidating multiple Sage 50 data sets to produce consolidated reports, etc.

Sage2SQL extracts the key data tables from the native Sage 50 flat files and injects the data into a MS SQL Server database making it much more useful for reporting and using in other applications.


Allowing your data to be analysed and reported on with a larger variety of tools as well as using the standard MS SQL Server functionality such as views, DDTS, etc.

Demonstration Video 

Here's an example of how you can use Sage2SQL with FileMaker to view your data.

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