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Sage 50 Accounts Data Export Tool


Sage Data Exporter can extract Sage data in a variety of formats.

Output formats

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • XML

  • JSON

  • SQLite

  • MySql

  • MSSql

Static Data  

  • Customers 

  • Suppliers 

  • Products 

  • Prices 

  • Tax Data 

  • Nominal Codes 

  • Projects

Transactional Data 

  • Sales Orders

  • Purchase Orders 

  • Invoice Details

  • Stock Transactions 

  • Audit Activity

  • Project Transactions

SRS E2S Easy to Use
SRS E2S Automation
E2S SRS Save time

Easy to Set up

Ideal to link Sage data to other business software

Automation of repetitive tasks

Accurate and up-to-date information

Schedule as frequently as required

Summary of key benefits


  • Schedule and automate real-time data extract from Sage 50

  • Improve the visibility of KPI’s for your business

  • Reduce admin time and errors in running reports from Sage 50

  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • Backed up by fantastic support from Red IT – The number one Sage 50 integration specialist

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Buy Sage Data Exporter 

Licence costs £935+VAT per annum 

Our prices will change based on market conditions and changes introduced by software vendors (eg Sage)

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