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Sage 50 Accounts Integration



Red IT are the leading Sage 50 integration experts and we have integrated thousands of sites, we specialise in integrating your data with Sage 50 whether it's from your ecommerce website, Excel, CRM, manufacturing or from a variety of common data sources such as SQL, XML, CSV, PDF’s.


Ecommerce Integration

Our integration solutions work with many of the ecommerce platforms available such as Magento, Shopify, and we also connect data with Sage 50 from popular ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, all our solutions allow you to integrate key order and customer data, so you do not have to rekey data in Sage 50.

Amazon Integration with Sage 50


One of the most popular requests from our customers is to integrate Amazon orders and customer information with Sage 50. The integration synchronises key data from Amazon into Sage 50, so you can quickly pick, pack and dispatch orders without the need to re-enter any data into your account's software, stock levels are also accurately updated.

Sage 50 Integration with Excel


Red IT has developed an innovative product Excel2Sage which allows you to map data from Excel directly into Sage which effectively allows for seamless integration from Excel into Sage 50. Once the data is mapped you can automate the process of importing data directly into Sage 50, this not only saves you time, but it takes out the hassle of manually importing data and reduces data entry errors.


Here just some of the fields you can import:

Customers | Suppliers | Projects

Customer Delivery Addresses

Sales Invoices | Sales Credits

Sales Orders | Sales Receipts

Sales Service Invoices | Sales Service Credits

Sales Product Invoices | Sales Product Credits

Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits

Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments

Products | Stock Adjustments

Price Lists | Prices

Bank Payments | Bank Receipts

Nominal Journals

Project Transactions


Connecting Data from your Website to Sage

The ability to have seamless integration from your website with Sage 50 is crucial as it allows you to avoid costly administration and data entry. Red IT have linked thousands of websites to Sage so key data is automatically synchronised. We have worked with all the major website platforms from Magento to Shopify.

Sage 50 EDI

Integrating Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI) with Sage 50 is crucial as large companies require suppliers to be EDI compliant. Red IT has helped hundreds of companies to automate EDI with Sage, so, they can successfully trade with large companies, whilst reducing administration costs.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform with hundreds of thousands of users, making sure customer orders and details are synchronised with Sage 50 saves thousands of man-hours per year, our Sage 50 integration for Shopify synchronises key data from your website so orders are quickly despatched without the need to re-enter data.

Bespoke Integration

If you have a bespoke database that you need data integrated with Sage 50 we can help, whether it’s a bespoke database, manufacturing system or another accounts database, we can synchronise the data, common formats we support are SQL, XLM, CSV, PDF, and Excel.

Salesforce and CRM Integration

If you use CRM solutions such as Salesforce, then we have several options that can be used to integrate data. Synchronising data between CRM and accounts allows you to maintain accurate customer records in both CRM and Sage.

Integration with eBay

Our integration software Excel2Sage links eBay with Sage 50, the key benefit of this application is that it allows your business to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive manual data entry tasks and it allows you to automatically update thousands of records instantly.

Magento Integration

Many businesses use Magento as their preferred ecommerce platform, our integration solutions allow for orders and customer details to be integrated with Sage, so you can send out orders without the need to manually enter data into Sage, stock levels and other details are also updated.

Summary of key benefits

  • Sage 50 integration with your website or ecommerce platform.

  • Supports common ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, and eBay.

  • Supports common data formats such as SQL, XML, CSV, PDF, and Excel.

  • Our solutions are easy to configure and easy to use.

  • We support and work with all major releases of Sage 50.

  • Red IT is the leading Sage integration experts and our experienced support team offer unrivalled support.


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