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Sage 50 Credit Control


Credit control is an important part of any business and allows you to avoid bad debts, reduce late payments whilst improving your cash flow. Our Sage 50 credit control solution Dochyperlink is an important addition that enhances your credit control processes.


Increased Cash Flow.


One of the main benefits of efficient credit control in Sage 50 is that your business will have improved cash flow. Some businesses let their uncollected invoices accumulate which affects their cash flow and business performance. Our Sage 50 credit control solution Dochyperlink has helped some businesses improve cash collection by up to 80%.


Saves Time and Reduces Administration Costs.


Many customers delay paying invoices by saying that they never received an invoice. Our Sage 50 credit control solution Dochyperlink helps save time and reduces administration costs. The solution is an add-on to Sage 50 and allows your customers to easily download a copy of their invoices/credit notes without your credit control staff intervention. 


How Does it work?

Dochyperlink is an essential application that works with Sage 50 which improves credit control. It works by allowing customers to easily download a copy of their invoices and credit notes without the need for credit control staff to be involved.

Our solution works by embedding clever links into the Sage 50 statements allowing customers to download their own copy of invoices/credit notes. It fixes the common excuse for non-payment when customers say they did not receive an invoice.

Improve your Sage 50 credit control with Dochyperlink.


Improved Credit Control Helps You Manage Risk.


By improving the credit control functionality in Sage 50 with our solution allows you to manage risk more effectively. Our solution allows you to discourage late payments which helps you keep on top of your credit control, which allows you to reduce unavoidable losses and reduces the risk to your business.


Reduce Debtors Days.


Improving your credit control processes with our Sage 50 add-on solution help payments arrive more promptly which helps reduce your average debtor days, this has a big impact on your cash flow which helps your business to grow and prosper.


Improved Peace of Mind.


Improving your cash flow can help businesses have greater peace of mind which also allows you to plan for future growth in the business. Many business owners have a huge amount of responsibility with lots to worry about and having a healthy cash flow can have a positive impact on your business.


Works with all Major Releases of Sage 50.


We support all major releases of Sage 50 and continually update our software to work with the latest releases of Sage 50.


Easy to Use and Easy to Configure.


Our software is extremely easy to configure, most of the configuration and setup with Sage 50 can be done in less than a day so you can start using the software quickly which will have a big impact on your cash flow. The software is easy to use and does staff do not need to change the way they currently work.

Summary of benefits

  • An innovative addition to your Sage 50 credit control.

  • Helps improve cash flow.

  • Dochyperlink helps reduce debtor days and mitigate risk for your business.

  • Works with all major releases of Sage 50.

  • Saves time and reduces your credit control administration costs.

  • Customers no longer can use the excuse “I did not receive the invoice”.

  • Saves Money by making your credit control processes more efficient.

  • Can help your business prosper.

  • Helps reduce debtor days.

  • No more requests for duplicate invoices.

  • Easy to configure and easy to use.

  • Red IT offers great on-going support to thousands of happy customers.

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