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Sage 50 Timesheet


As the market-leading accounts package in the UK, Sage 50 is great at managing all aspects of sales, purchasing, stock, and financials. However, tracking timesheets can be a challenge for many Sage users, especially when they want detailed timesheets for customers, jobs, projects, and tasks.

Does Sage 50 Have Timesheets?


The core Sage 50 product does not have any timesheet functionality so tracking billable hours for projects, jobs, customers and tasks is a challenge.  Red IT has developed a comprehensive timesheet tracking solution mobile2sage, which allows for detailed timesheets to be tracked that updates information to Sage, as well as updating information with Payroll.

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Speed Up Invoicing for Billable Hours.


Having the ability to quickly record and update timesheets remotely and then synchronise this with your accounts software radically speeds up the invoicing of billable hours for customers, jobs, projects and tasks.

Track Time for Customers, Projects, Jobs and Tasks.


Our Sage 50 timesheet solution allows for comprehensive recording of time for employees to record billable hours against each customer, project, job and task. This information is integrated with your accounts software, it also allows you to update information directly into Payroll.

Work Remotely Using Devices Such as iPads and iPhone.


Our solution is specifically designed to work from mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones as well as browsers, this allows users to enter their timesheets whilst working remotely, this information is then synchronised with Sage 50 when you get a connection, so your accounts department can send out invoices. Time can also be entered by using a browser, this can be accessed remotely or whilst working in the office.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Avoid Costly Mistakes.


Our Sage 50 timesheet solution helps eliminate manual data entry as users input time directly themselves without the need for re-keying data at head office. By eliminating the need for re-keying timesheet this helps avoids costly mistakes. Once the information has been entered this information is synchronised with Sage 50, which also eliminates the need for users to enter data directly into your accounts software.

Simplify your Timesheet and Payroll Processes.


Our solution allows you to add and update time for customers, jobs, project, and activities, not only does this update this information to your accounts but it allows you to synchronise this timesheet information with Sage 50 Payroll.

Red IT – The Sage Timesheet Experts.


Red IT has been an innovative developer of Sage 50 Timesheet and Payroll applications which has helped hundreds of companies to simplify their time tracking and payroll processes which helps reduce printing, posting and emailing of sensitive timesheet information.

Summary of Benefits

  • Manage your time tracking remotely using iPads and iPhone.

  • Synchronised data to Sage 50 and updates Sage payroll.

  • Speeds up the process of invoicing billable hours.

  • Reduces data entry errors.

  • Help's improve processes and replaces paper-based timesheet forms.

  • Easy to use and quick to deploy.

  • Tracks and records time tracking for customers, jobs, projects and tasks.

  • Highly configurable and can be customised around your exact requirements.

  • Sage 50 Payroll integration, timesheets are updated to your accounts software, so you get an overview of your outgoing costs.

  • Red IT offer great support and unrivalled experience.

Organise a Demonstration or 30-day Trial.


We are happy to organise a personal 1 to 1 demonstration of our Sage 50 Timesheet solution; this demonstration will detail the benefits and features of our software, call us today on 020 7965 7142.


We also offer a free 30-day trial, so you can review the software before you buy, simply complete the form below.

Call Red IT today on 020 7965 7142 

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requirements or book a product demonstration.

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