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Sage 50 Signature Capture and Proof of Delivery


Many companies send out goods and need the ability to have Sage 50 signature capture functionality to show that the products have been delivered and keep a record of proof of delivery.


Businesses also need functionality in Sage 50 to record proof that work has been carried out for works orders.

Does Sage 50 Have Electronic Signature Capture?


Sage 50 unfortunately does not have the functionality to record and track electronic signatures for proof of delivery. Red IT has developed a flexible and comprehensive solution, mobile2Sage which record’s signatures on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads that provides proof of delivery which then automatically synchronises this data back to Sage 50.


Does Sage 50 Have Electronic Proof of Delivery?


If you have mobile workers such as delivery drivers and need the ability to record proof of delivery electronically on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, you need a comprehensive add-on solution to be able to record proof of delivery as Sage 50 does not have this functionality. 

Capture Proof of Delivery on Your Mobile Device and Synchronise with Sage 50.

Red IT has developed a comprehensive solution mobile2sage for iPads and iPhones that allows you to record electronically that goods have been delivered, it can also record returns and offers the following key functionality.

  • Proof of delivery with signature capture

  • Returns – pickup and process

  • Invoicing of complete deliveries

  • Payment collection

  • Customer name

  • Time and date of delivery

  • Order details

  • Data collection

The system is so flexible that it can be configured to have extra fields to record on your mobile device, all data is then synchronised with Sage 50 so office staff have access to all relevant information.

Works with Mobile Devices, both iPads and iPhones can Sync with Sage.

As a leading developer of software for mobile devices that work with Sage 50 we have extensive knowledge in developing apps for iPads and iPhones, so your mobile workforce can capture key data in the field which will synchronise back to your Sage 50 accounts system at your head office.

We have successfully helped many companies to allow mobile workers to electronically capture signatures, record proof of delivery and electronically record completion of works orders.

Record Proof of Completed Works Orders.

If you have mobile works that carry out work at customer sites, such as service or engineer call outs then they can electronically record on their iPhone or iPad proof that a works order has been completed. It also allows mobile users to take a photo of the completed work in case the customer raises an issue.

The data from the completed works orders are then synchronised back to Sage 50 against the customer record, so key office-based staff can deal with any future queries.

Reduces the Need for Paperwork and Paper Based Job Sheets.

When mobile workers can electronically capture proof of delivery, completed works orders and record electronic signatures helps radically improve your business efficiency and streamline processes.

Using mobile devices such as iPad’s and iPhones eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and paper-based job sheets, it also saves time on admin as data is transferred automatically to Sage 50.

Speeds up Invoicing and Improve cashflow.


Field-based staff can record completion of work or record delivery of goods and they can raise an invoice in the field whilst at the customer, this speeds up the invoicing cycle which will have a positive impact on your business cash flow.

Better Managerial Control and Improved Customer Service.


By synchronising key data from your mobile workforce with Sage 50 allows for better customer service and improved managerial control.

Cuts Operating Costs and Increase Efficiency.

Providing your mobile workers with the tools to record key data electronically and perform key tasks such as raising invoices in the field has a big impact on improved efficiency which in turn reduces operating costs because the data is synchronised with Sage 50 also reduces expensive admin time for staff based in the office.

Summary of Benefits

  • Electronically capture signatures, proof of delivery and proof of completed works orders on your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Synchronises data with Sage 50 at the head office.

  • Improves business efficiency and reduces operational costs.

  • Does away with time-consuming paper forms.

  • Works with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

  • Get up and running quickly and easy to use.

  • Emails Proof of delivery to the Customer and attaches it to Sage 50 Record.

  • Experienced mobile developer Red IT provides great on-going support.

  • Works with all versions of Sage 50.

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