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Sage 50 Accounts Report Automation


Automating reports in Sage 50 provides a wide range of benefits that helps improves your company's productivity and saves valuable time for employees.  Our Sage 50 report automation solution SRS (Sage Report Scheduler) allows you to schedule and automate the creation of reports for your business.


Reduce administration time and reduce reporting errors

Running reports for your business can take up valuable administration time which has an impact on your business efficiency when you can schedule and automate the creation of reports in Sage 50 using SRS helps reduce administration time and reduces reporting errors.

Schedule reports to be ran at anytime


Our sage 50 report automation tool allows you to schedule and run reports at any time. The automated reports can be scheduled to run out of office time so you free up valuable time and when you come back in the morning the sage 50 report scheduler would have automatically emailed key sage 50 reports to employees.

Watch a demo below of the Sage 50 Report Scheduler:

Run Sage reports automatically using Windows Task Scheduler or batch file.

Increase visibility of business information

One of the key benefits of synchronising all your data between Shopify and accounts software is that your accounting department can run accurate and up to date financial reports to truly understand your company’s performance.


Send out reports automatically via email in a variety of formats

Our Sage 50 report scheduler allows you to schedule and run automated reports at any time of the day, these reports are then sent via email to any number of employees. The automated Sage 50 reports can be exported and distributed in several formats including CSV, Excel, PDF or by a printer.

Sage 50 Automated Sales Reporting

One of the great advantages of our Sage 50 report scheduler is that it can be set up to run daily sales reports after office hours and distribute these to key stakeholders, salespeople. and relevant staff members. This allows you to keep up to date sales figures for your business, so you can see if you are on track to meet targets.

Sage 50 Automated Stock Management Reports

Our report scheduling tool SRS allows you to run daily reports automatically such as key stock reports, this allows your business to manage stock effectively so there are no delays in fulfilling goods to customers or delaying any manufacturing production.

Automate key financial reports

Another great advantage of automating key financial reports with our Sage 50 report scheduler is that crucial creditors/debtors' reports can be scheduled each day, as well as cash flow reports. You can set up and run any financial report you require and then automatically distribute these reports to relevant staff.

Schedule and automate any report

Not only can you schedule and automate financial reports, sales, stock and outstanding debtor reports but SRS can run any report automatically for you from Sage 50, e.g. monthly statements, purchase history, waste per product line to name a few.

Summary of key benefits


  • Schedule and automate any report in Sage 50.

  • Improves visibility of key KPI’s for your business.

  • Automate financial reports in Sage 50.

  • Reduce admin time in running reports from Sage 50.

  • Reduces errors in running reports.

  • Produce reports in Excel, CSV, PDF or by a printer.

  • Easy and intuitive to use.

  • Backed up by fantastic support from Red IT – The number one Sage 50 report automation specialist.



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