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Sage 50 Mobile

As more of us work remotely on mobile devices or are field based, then it’s important to be able to carry out important tasks that integrate with your Sage 50 accounts software.


Our Sage 50 mobile app, Mobile2Sage allows remote users and field-based staff to carry out key Sage 50 tasks and access financial accounts information on their devices such as iPhones and iPads, making this the most comprehensive set of mobile apps for Sage accounts.

The app allows you to carry out important tasks such as Sage 50 mobile invoicing, capturing customer signatures for Sage, updating timesheets to accounts and a whole lot more, which in turn improves employee efficiency and productivity, whilst allowing access to key financial data.

Mobile2Sage is a comprehensive range of Mobile software apps for your Sage 50 accounts software.

Mobile2Sage has a wide range of Sage 50 Mobile apps including Payroll & Timesheets.

Enhance Sage 50 by using it with Mobile Devices.


In today's fast-moving business environment, it’s important to allow field staff and remote users access to key Sage data automatically on their mobile device, so they have the very latest accounts data for suppliers and customers.


Mobile2Sage automatically synchronises financial transactions and activities on their iPhone and iPad devices from Sage 50, in turn the, tasks they perform will synchronise back to head office, providing office staff with one single view of all accounts data.

A Comprehensive Range of Sage Mobile Apps.

As a leading Apple developer Red IT has developed a range of Sage 50 mobile apps in mobile2sage which enhances efficiency and productivity of remote users, so they can access and action tasks whilst at suppliers and customers.


Our mobile Sage solution Mobile2Sage contains a comprehensive range of apps to make life easier for employees. Modules include the ability to create sales orders, create purchase orders, works orders, capture signatures and the ability to update timesheets and expenses, plus much more as it is highly configurable.

Capture Signatures.

Sage 50 does not have the ability to remotely capture signatures on deliveries whilst mobile, so we have developed a signature capture feature within Mobile2Sage which allows field staff and delivery drivers to electronically capture signatures for proof of delivery on their mobile iPhone or iPad, this is ideal for engineers, delivery drivers, and sales people. Read more on mobile signature capture for Sage accounts.

Advanced Scanning and Bar Code Scanning.

Devices such as iPhones and iPads have sophisticated cameras which can be used for scanning to capture documents and scanning barcodes when you use our mobile scanning app in Mobile2Sage. The system automatically synchronises this information back to your main office Sage 50 database.

Mobile2Sage Scanning and Bar Code Scanning App

Record Proof of Delivery and Record Proof of Works Completed.


Mobile2Sage has the functionality to record proof of delivery on items delivered to customers and suppliers, it captures the signature on your devices such as an iPhone or iPad and this information is synchronised back to Sage 50 accounts at head office.

One great feature for recording proof of delivery is that you can also take a photo of the item being delivered, as some items might need proof that the item was delivered undamaged. For more information on proof of delivery for Sage 50 read more.

Create Sales Orders.

Employees who work remotely or are based in the field can quickly create new sales orders for Sage 50 on their mobile device. So, if they are at a customer's site, they can create a sales order immediately on their iPad or iPhone which then gets synchronised with Sage 50. Field-based staff will no longer need to phone in orders to head office.

The Sage 50 mobile sales app also allows employees to check stock levels before they create the sales order, so they can be certain the order will not be delayed.

Create Invoices with Mobile Invoicing.

Speeding up the process of invoicing has a positive impact on cash flow as well as getting orders out to customers quickly, thus improving customer satisfaction. Using your mobile device whilst out in the field, employees can use the Sage 50 mobile invoicing functionality in Mobile2Sage.

If a sales rep is at a customer site, they can use their iPhone or iPad to create a sales order and then create an invoice, turning your device into a powerful Sage mobile sales app, this data is synchronised back to head office where Sage 50 users can facilitate the order and get the goods delivered quickly.

Generate New Purchase Orders and Works Orders.

Staff can create purchase orders for Sage 50 on their mobile device, so if they have taken an order from a customer and can see that there is not enough stock, they can quickly raise a new purchase order for goods and stock to facilitate customers' orders.

Works orders can also be created using Mobile2Sage which allows users to input detailed information for every works order that then gets updated to the accounts database for action by staff at head office.

Users who are given authority to raise purchase orders whilst working remotely can significantly speed up the time it takes to manage a customer order and order enough stock to keep clients happy.

Create Purchase Orders for Sage 50 on your mobile device.

Create New Purchase Requisitions

Users who do not have the authority to create and raise purchase orders in Sage 50 can now raise requisition orders on their iPad or iPhone whilst working remotely of whilst out in the field.


These requisition requests are then synchronised with Sage 50 at head office where a staff member with purchase order requisition authority can authorise the requisition order which then starts the process of ordering goods and stock to facilitate customer orders.


The process of using your mobile device speeds up the process of managing orders, as they no longer need to use paper-based forms or phone in orders to the office.

Track and Update Timesheets.


Sage 50 does not have the functionality for remote users to comprehensively track and update timesheets for jobs, projects, customers and tasks. Red IT has created an advanced Sage accounts mobile timesheet app within our Mobile2Sage solution.


The system allows remote users to update and track timesheets for jobs, customers, projects, and tasks which automatically synchronises with Sage 50 and helps speed up the billing cycle. This information can also be imported to Sage Payroll.


No more need for paper-based forms, or the need to send information in the post or email, simply use our mobile Sage timesheet app and all data is quickly updated to accounts for authorisation of each timesheet.

 Watch a demo of Sage 50 mobile Timesheet.

Track and Manage Projects.


Successfully managing time and expenses for client projects is key to making sure invoices are quickly and correctly billed. Mobile2Sage has a Sage 50 mobile project app that allows you to easily track time and expenses against each project.


As users update timesheets and expenses for projects on their iPhone or iPad this information is automatically synchronised with Sage, so invoices can be issued quickly from head office.

Use your iPad or iPhone to action and access Sage 50 financial data.

As the most commonly used mobile devices for businesses, iPhones and iPad’s have revolutionised how we communicate and carry out business tasks more efficiently.


Mobile2Sage is specifically designed to work with Apple mobile devices and it integrates seamlessly with Sage 50, providing users with a wide range of powerful apps.


See the benefits of using your iPhone or iPad for Sage 50.


  • Powerful range of apps for Sage 50 for remote users.

  • Easy to use.

  • Replaces time-consuming paper-based forms.

  • Synchronises data with your Sage accounts software.

  • Works with iOS and iPads and iPhones.

  • Greatly improves productivity and efficiency for field-based staff.

  • Fantastic support from the leading Sage mobile developer.

  • Works with all versions of Sage 50.

Call Red IT today on 0207 965 7142 to organise a demonstration or register your interest by completing the form below and we will be in touch.

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