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Sage 50 iPhone - Use Sage Accounts whilst mobile

The iPhone has been adopted by many business and users as it offers a user-friendly interface, sleek design, fast browsing speeds and is supported by all major mobile phone service providers. Sage 50 iPhone integration allows you to access and capture key Sage data on your mobile device and can radically improve employee productivity and efficiency whilst providing key customer financial data.

Further Enhance Your Sage 50 Data for Use with Mobile Devices.

As more and more of us work remotely or who are out in the field, it's important to provide users with key accounts data from Sage automatically, this helps mobile users have the very latest information regarding customers and suppliers.


By synchronising the activities and transactions of iPhone users working remotely with your office provides staff with an up to date view at any one time.

A Wide Range of Sage iPhone Apps.

Red IT are a leading Apple developer and have developed a wide range of Sage 50 iPhone apps to further enhance user productivity whilst working remotely or whilst visiting customer site's. Our Sage 50 mobile app mobile2sage is highly configurable and more flexible than other iPhone apps, it can be be-spoked for any specific iPhone requirements you may have.

Just some of the Sage 50 mobile app's we have developed include; capturing signatures, capturing photos of work carried out, create new orders, create new works orders, create new purchase order's, update timesheet's and expenses all from mobile devices such as an iPhone. All data collected on your mobile phone is automatically synchronised back to your Sage 50 software at your office.

Capture Signatures on your Mobile and Easily Synchronise Data.

With our iPhone application mobile2sage you can easily capture customer signatures for proof of delivery or installation. This information can automatically be updated to your accounts software, so office-based staff can also have key updates which is shared across your whole business. The Sage 50 iPhone app is ideal for field engineers, sales people, delivery drivers or anyone who works in the field.

Take Photos of Work Carried out at Customer Sites.

A great feature of our Sage 50 mobile app is the ability to take photos of work carried out at customer sites, so you have backup information to prove that the correct work was completed. This information is automatically synched back to accounts and stored for everyone to see, supports all models of Apples iPhone's and iPads using the latest iOS operating system.

Manage Timesheets whilst Mobile.

mobile2sage allows users to update and manage timesheets whilst on the go thus avoiding the need to send information in the post or via email. The user directly adds timesheets via their iPhone which reduces the need for data entry duplication, this reduces errors and saves your business valuable time.

Customer and Supplier Information at Your Fingertips.

Our Sage 50 iPhone app provides key customer and supplier information for field base staff, not only does it work with all iPhone model's it can be easily used on iPads as well. If you visit customers or suppliers regularly you can get instant access to your accounts data: see supplier and customer balances, transactions, invoices and quotations etc.

Create New Sales Orders.

Remote users can create and add new sales orders via their mobile which is automatically updated to Sage 50. Users can add new orders whilst at a customer site, this not only speeds up sales, users no longer must call the office to notify them of new orders. 

Monitor Stock Levels.

If you visit customers you can track and monitor stock levels, so any impending orders can be processed from your iPhone into Sage. Being able to monitor stocks levels allows you to confidently place orders knowing that you have enough stock to keep customers happy.  


Create New Purchase Orders.

To facilitate customer orders, you might need instant access to supplier information with the ability to create new purchase orders right from your iPad or iPhone. Having instant access to key suppliers in the field speeds up the process of doing business and makes your company respond quickly to impending demands.


Mobile scanning.

Users can use their mobile phone to scan a range of items that can then be synchronised with Sage, our software can be setup for a variety of scanning tasks including bar code scanning.

Comprehensive Proof of Delivery to Customers.

Using your iPhone, you can record a successful delivery of a product backed up with a signed customer signature from your mobile device. To ensure the product was delivered successfully without any damage you can also take a photo detailing that the product was delivered undamaged, all this information can be stored centrally for all office staff members to access.


Manage Works Order's whilst Mobile.

Out integration software between Sage and your iOS mobile device allows you to create works orders for customers, you can update and track the progress of each work's orders and have all the information at hand to update the customer on the progress of the order.


Access Non-Sage Office Files whilst Working Remotely.

Our solution can be configured so mobile iPhone users can access key non-Sage office files, they can access any documents or files stored centrally at your central office.



Mobile2sage can be configured and customised to do a lot more, so why not call us today.


Call Red IT today on 020 7965 7142 

or complete the form below to discuss your requirements

or book a product demonstration.

Benefits of mobile2Sage for iPhone and iPad Users.

  • Empower your field-based workforce by using the Sage 50 iPhone app from Red IT, it will help you streamline your business processes.

  • Reduce the use of forms and paper with a variety of automated data capture using your iPhone.

  • Access key customer and supplier information so mobile users can make quick decisions and actions whilst working in the field.

  • Create sales orders, purchase orders, requisition orders, track time sheets and expenses and a lot more whilst working remotely.

  • Convenient, easy to use and reduces the need for many paper-based forms.

  • Supports latest the latest versions of the iOS operating system.

  • Sync key information from your iPhone's directly to Sage 50.

  • Track signatures and photos of work completed against customer orders.

  • No phone coverage, no problem, forms and Sage data can be completed offline and synced when you get either internet or mobile phone coverage. 

  • Get more accurate and up to date reports, no need to wait for emails or paper-based forms to be received in the office.

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