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Sage 50 iPad


Since the launch of Apple's iPad, it has become a popular business tool which helps you work more flexibly and increases user efficiency.


Many businesses that use Sage 50 have adopted iPads to help with presentations, communications and improving the customer experience. 


Red IT have developed a comprehensive app which gives users key accounts data on their mobile device.

Does Sage 50 Work on an iPad?

Sage has created an application for Sage 50 on the iPad, however it has limited functionality and cannot be customised for a company's specific requirements. The software has been designed as a mobile sales app, whereas our mobile solution iPad2Sage can bring a wide range of benefits and can track timesheets, expenses, events, job sheets, invoices and can even be customised to do a great deal more. 

Empower Remote Users and Field Sales Staff.

If you have mobile users, field-based staff or sales people out on the road, empowering them with key Sage 50 accounts data on their iPad's can give them vital information that will help speed up all your business processes.

Users can use the Sage 50 iPad app to place new orders whilst at a customer site, delivery drivers can get a signed signature of goods delivered, take photos of successfully delivered goods with proof that they were delivered un-damaged, plus lots more features. 

Our Sage 50 iPad app Can Be Configured to Fit Your Requirements.

IPad2Sage can be configured for your business using a modular approach depending on what you are looking to achieve.  By integrating Sage 50 with your tablet device's you can manage a wide range of tasks, including replacing inefficient paper-based systems for expenses, events, invoicing, job sheets, petty cash and timesheets.

For more information or a quote on iPad2Sage contact us on 0207 965 7142. 

Effortlessly Track Expenses.

One of the modules available allows you to track expenses whilst working remotely, it can then synchronise data to head-office. It saves time and money and does away with time consuming paper-based expense forms.

  • Central office can view and authorise expenses via a web browser. 

  • Synchronise data on your iPad with Sage. 

  • Capture pictures of receipts using your camera. 

  • Create and email PDF reports. 

iPad Users can Upload and Authorise Invoices.

Speeding up the process of invoicing can now be done using your Apple mobile device, users can authorise invoices which can then be synchronised into Sage 50. This allows remote workers and managers to quickly speed up the billing process.

  • Users can upload an invoice from their iPad using a browser. 

  • Invoicing time is improved as managers can authorise remotely. 

  • Invoices can be synchronised with accounts. 

  • Works on any Apple mobile device using the latest iOS version. 

Capture Timesheets on Your Tablet Device.

Our Sage 50 iPad app has a comprehensive timesheet module that allows you to record time spent on each job and task. It's a great time saver for staff who work remotely as they can enter their timesheet's out in the field and then synchronise this data back to Sage.

  • Employees can enter in timesheets on their iPad for each job/task as and when completed. 

  • Staff can enter in timesheets out in the field and then synchronise back to accounts when they get connectivity. 

  • Data can be accessed on any Apple mobile device using the latest iOS operating system. 

  • Head office can review timesheets generated by remote workers. 

Electronic Petty Cash Tracking.

You can replace paper-based petty cash forms with our mobile app, it accurately records petty cash transactions and users can take pictures of receipts. All petty cash transactions can then be synchronised with Sage accounts, so you have up to date information.

  • Easily track petty cash transaction in an electronic form. 

  • Synchronise data with your accounts data, 

  • Track receipts by taking photos of them. 

  • Works on all mobile devices using the latest version of iOS. 

  • It keeps an accurate total of remaining petty cash available.

Track Attendees at Events.

If you manage events such as workshops, seminars or exhibitions, then having a mobile device to track attendees is key to help you monitor response rates and help plan for future events. Our application works on all Apple mobile devices and includes a handy feature for capturing contact details from attendee badges.

  • Track attendee details for all types of events. 

  • Scan badges with your mobile device for their contact details. 

  • Works on all the latest Apple mobile devices. 

  • Ensure attendees are kept up to date with the latest news. 

  • Helps you calculate response rates and planning for future events. 

Automate Job Sheets for Field Engineers.

If you have remote field engineers, then you can speed up the process of assigning them jobs on their iPad, once jobs have been completed you can then synchronise them back to the main office and into Sage 50.

  • Head-office can assign jobs to field-based staff using iPads and iPhone's. 

  • Once a job is completed in the field an update can be synchronised with accounts. 

  • Capture signatures and photos of work completed for each job. 

  • Create and email PDF reports when required. 

  • Field-based staff can use their iPad remotely and then connect and sync back to Sage when they have connectivity, users can complete jobs whilst offline. 

Summary of the Key Benefits and Features of iPad2Sage.

  • Streamline's your business by replacing paper-based forms with electronic forms. 

  • Empower remote users and field-based staff. 

  • Track expenses, timesheets, jobs, events, petty cash, invoices. Only pay for the modules that your company requires. 

  • Capture Customer Signatures and proof of delivery. 

  • Take photos of completed work directly from your iPad. 

  • Synchronise data from your tablet device back to Sage. 

  • Barcode and product scanning features available. 

  • Access supplier and customer data directly from a tablet device. 

  • Monitor and update stock levels. 

  • Access key supplier and customer data whilst working remotely. 

  • Works on the latest iOS mobile devices. 

Call Red IT today on 020 7965 7142 

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