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Sage 50 Expenses

Being able to track expenses for employees smoothly is key to making sure you have up to date information in Sage accounts. Our Sage 50 expenses app is part of our product Mobile2Sage which allows users to input expenses whilst mobile or they can enter expenses via the web.


This expense information is synchronised with Sage 50 accounts and allows finance teams to have greater visibility and control when managing your company's finances.

Track expenses for employees via the Web or whilst Mobile

Enter Data Via the Cloud.

Your staff can enter expenses via their web browser, so all they need is access to the internet. Our web-based expense software caters for all expense types and once a claim is submitted this is then forwarded to a manager to be authorised, once authorise this then synchronises the data to Sage 50 accounts.

Employee Expenses Entered Whilst Mobile via iPad’s and iPhones

If employees work remotely or in the field they can easily at expenses, receipts, mileage and other costs via mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads using our app Mobile2Sage Once they get a phone signal or connect via the web, this information is integrated with Sage 50.

Project Costing Expenses

Managing costs and expenses with a project for Sage 50 is crucial, submitting expenses late may delay raising a supplier invoice, which will also have the effect of delaying the payment to the supplier.

Projects can have expenses and costs entered against them, users can update this information remotely or via a web browser together with the supporting receipts, costs, and documents. Once this has been approved the information is updated to Sage accounts and then an invoice raised and payment against an invoice, by speeding up this process improves your cash flow.

Synchronise Expenditures to Sage 50 to Keep Accurate Costs.

As employees enter their expenses (either via the web or whilst working on their mobile devices) this data is synchronised with Sage accounts, placing costs against the appropriate nominal codes. Synchronising the data into Sage 50 save valuable admin time, as there is no need for manual data entry back or manual bookkeeping back at head office.

Merge data from Sage 50 to Payroll

Once claims have been approved and the expenses integrated with Sage 50 you can then send the data to Sage Payroll, so each employee record has all the correct information that will help reflect the appropriate tax codes.

Mileage Verification and Digital Receipt Attachment.

Claiming mileage is simple, users simply record each journey and can attach photos of fuel receipts, all journeys can have a mileage validation check. Receipts and documents for all types of expenses can be digitally recorded. Claims can be submitted individually or done as a batch and the value are synchronised with Sage 50.

Employees Get Reimbursed Promptly.

Prompt payment of employees is important, with our Sage 50 expenses app they can quickly update and synchronise their receipts, mileage and expenses, and once approved by their manager they will receive prompt bank account payment. No more time-consuming paper forms or the need to send items through the post, it is all done digitally.

Up to Date Financial Expense Reports.

Having a robust expense software platform that is synchronised seamlessly with Sage 50 provides finance managers with up to date and accurate snapshot of expense costs for the business, so expense reports and management accounting profit/loss reports provide a true reflection of the business.

Allow Photos, Receipts and Documents to be Attached to a Claim.

Tracking expenses in Sage 50 using our app is easy to use, employees can track the whole range of expenses using either their iPad, iPhone or via a web browser. Photos of receipts can be attached to claims as well as supporting documents. They can also log mileage against claims and submit everything as one, ready for approval so finance can make a payment.


  • Increased efficiency

  • These integrations increase efficiency for Finance teams by the removal of manual data entry.

  • The app works with all versions of Sage 50.

  • Add expense claims via the web or via an iPhone or iPad.

  • Digitally record receipts and documents.

  • Synchronise data from Sage 50 to Sage Payroll.

  • No more need for paper-based expenses forms.

  • Track expenses and costs against projects.

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