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Sage 50 Credit Control

Get Paid Faster with our innovative software – Some users improved their cash collection by up to 80%.

Managing your debt collection through effective credit control is key to managing risk for your business. Our innovative software allows you to improve your Sage 50 credit control procedures and allows your business to get paid faster and reduce your aged debtors.


We have developed our credit control add-on software for Sage 50 that allows you to save time chasing payments on outstanding invoices.

Improved Cash Collection.


Improving your cash flow is crucial to make sure your business is running smoothly, cash collected now is needed to pay for expenses like rent, salaries, and other operating expenses. Our credit control add-on for Sage 50, Dochyperlink allows you to speed up the collection of debt and ensures a positive cash flow and reduces the risk for your business.

Save Administration Time for Credit Controllers and Accounts Staff.


By freeing up valuable time for your credit controllers and Sage 50 accounts staff allows them to be more proactive in chasing up more customers which improves cash flow, this improvement in cash collection means that there is more money coming into the business that is going out.

Credit controllers will also save time because they will spend less time extending credit limits, chasing credit limit approvals and more time chasing credit control payments which reduces the risk of credit.

How Does it work?

Dochyperlink is an essential application that works with Sage 50 which improves credit control. It works by allowing customers to easily download a copy of their invoices and credit notes without the need for credit control staff to be involved.

Our solution works by embedding clever links into the Sage 50 statements allowing customers to download their own copy of invoices/credit notes. It fixes the common excuse for non-payment when customers say they did not receive an invoice.

Improve your Sage 50 credit control with Dochyperlink.

Finance Management Will Spend Less Time Being Reactive.


Getting customers to pay on time allows finance managers and finance directors to be more proactive in running the business rather than being reactive to debt collection and aged debtors' issues, it also provides them with peace of mind as there is a reduced risk to the business.

Sage 50 Credit control reports will look more favourable as aged debtors of 30 days, 60 days and 90 days plus will be improved.

Why Do Customers Not Pay Invoices?


One of the main reasons why customers do not pay invoices is because they say they did not receive it or did not know what it was for when viewed on the statement. This slows down cash collection and makes debt collection difficult.

No Need to Send Duplicate Invoices.


Dochyperlink is our Sage 50 Credit Controller add-on and it works by allowing customers to easily download a copy of their invoices and credit notes without the need for Sage 50 accounts user's intervention which ensures easier debt collection. There are no more excuses from customers saying they never received the invoice, thus delaying payment.


Our software works by enhancing your Sage 50 documentation such as customer statements, it embeds clever links into the statements, so your customers can easily download a copy of any outstanding invoices or credit notes. Our innovative add-on to Sage 50 has allows some users to improve their cash collection by up to 80%.

Summary of benefits

  • Improves credit control processes.

  • Improves collection of outstanding debt.

  • Reduced aged debtors, 30, 60, 90 days.

  • Can improve cash collection by up to 80%.

  • Quick and Easy to Use, one click shows the document.

  • Frees up time so Sage 50 users can be more proactive in chasing debt.

  • Unlimited - Unrestricted number of dochyperlinks.

  • Improve Debt Collection - No need to send duplicate documents.

  • Easy to setup – installed and configured in under a day.

  • No need for process changes or staff intervention.

  • Works with all versions of Sage 50.

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