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Mobile2Sage Cloud Connector


What is Mobile2Sage?

mobile2sage is used to easily keep track of your jobs, capture customer signatures, create new orders, update timesheets, capture photos of work carried out and various other features all from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.

This functionality can be essential for contractors or employees on the road, but just as important for those back in the office. mobile2sage has the facility to sync the data back to the office where your Sage 50 Accounts software can then be updated automatically.

Our mobile2sage application is perfect for anyone working away from the office who needs to record their time, capture customer signatures for goods delivered or photos of work they've completed. mobile2sage provides quick and easy access for users to update their jobs before syncing back to the office via a data connection 3G/4G/WiFi.

Update Timesheets

Conveniently use your mobile device whilst working out of the office on a job to update your timesheet.


Create Sales Order

Use your mobile device whilst working out of the office to create sales orders for an existing job.


Customer Signatures

Capture customer signatures easily on your mobile device against a specific job.

Create Purchase Order

Conveniently use your mobile device whilst working out of the office to create a purchase order for a job.


Evidence Your Work

Capture images of items delivered or work carried out against a specific job.

Office Sync

Whilst working out of the office use your mobile device to send updates

back to the office.


mobile2sage One : Stock Control

mobile2sage One : Rental & Fixed Assets

mobile2sage One : Van Sales & Barcode Scanning

mobile2sage One : Remote Engineers

mobile2sage One : Landscaping

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mobile2sage: Timesheets

mobile2sage: Sales Orders

mobile2sage: Works Orders

mobile2sage: Expenses

mobile2sage: Requisitions

mobile2sage: Purchase Orders


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Get FileMaker Pro/Go

Download FileMaker below


*Important* You must ensure the FileMaker is installed on your desktop or iOS device first, otherwise this will not work. Follow the links above to download and install FileMaker.

From an iOS device (Click here to download)
 - Open the AppStore
 - Search for FileMaker
 - Select & Download 'FileMaker Go'
 - Download solution (above)

From a Desktop (Click here to download)
 - Google 'Download Filemaker Pro' or click the link above

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