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Version 2024.02.1

Added support for Sage 50 v30 (2024)

Added functionality to use Sage stock item units if left blank on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Product Invoices and Product Credits
Auto population
of Global Department on Sales Orders, Service Invoices, Service Credits, Product Invoices and Product Credits
Fixed issue where E2S could keep a lock on the load file, stopping it from being archived


Version 2023.01.1

Added support for Sage 50 v29 (2023)

Added Stock Allocation load
Moved Bank loads to the Misc section to allow extra space for future new loads
Streamlined and improved the top toolbar
Enhanced statistics recording
New load statistics tab

Version 2022.04.1

Fully tested and compatible with Sage v28.1

Added Proforma field/functionality to Sales Orders load

Added tooltip help to main controls
Expanded internal Excel file viewer functionality
Enhanced help with option to run locally or from website

Enhanced Request Licence functionality
Enhanced statistics recording


Version 2021.10.1

Added support for Sage 50 v28 (2022)

Added option to use Enhanced Excel Checks when reading files including new format and field/column checks

Added OrderDueDate (delivery date) to Purchase Order loads

Added Dept to Customer and Supplier loads

Added "Blanks as updates" functionality to Product updates

Windows 11 compatibility

Version 2021.02.1

Added AccountStatus field to Customer and Supplier loads (used to place accounts on hold)

Order/Invoice Consignments loads replaced with Order/Invoice Updates and added Notes1/2/3 and Analysis1/2/3 fields

Changed Projects load to allow projects to be amended (used with config option to ignore or override blank fields) 

Version 2020.09.1

Added support for Sage 50 v27 (2021)

New user interface including:
•    Additional information on main tab
•    Addition of "skins" and ability to saved currently selected skin 
•    Internal open XLSX function/screen with option to revert to Excel
•    New calendar booking for support
•    New links to searchable FAQ and Help files

•    Improved search functions in log file and archived logs functionality

•    Improved automated Sage company selection functionality

•    Improved automatic licencing functionality

Double-clicking on a load option to run (multiple consecutive loads unchanged - select and run)

Option to start a new logfile automatically on start-up

Dropped support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (before SP1)

Dropped support for Sage 50 versions v17-v19 (2011-2013)

Version 2020.02.1

Added Payment tab fields (PaymentRef, PaymentBankCode, PaymentAmount & PaymentType) to the Sales Order, Product Invoice and Service Invoice loads

Added Ignore Customers on Hold configuration key and applied functionality to Product Invoices, Product Credits, Service Invoices, Service Credits 

Version 2019.12.1

Improvements to online licensing/updating functionality
Added SSL emailing functionality
Amended Department default functionality in Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Product Invoices & Credits, Service Invoices & Credits 
Added DueDate field to Product Invoices & Credits, Service Invoices & Credits​

Version 2019.09.1

Added support for Sage 50 v26 (2020)

Changed the default version of .Net from 4.5.1 to 4.6 to match Sage 50 v26

Added new auto update functionality

Version  2019.06.1

Added DueDate field to Sales Invoice/Credit and Purchase Invoice/Credit loads
Added WebImage field to Products load
Added Access Database Runtime to E2S set-up as Microsoft have removed it from their website

Version  2019.04.1

Added ExchangeRate field to Bank Payments and Receipts loads
Added DiscountType field to Customer loads 
Amended functionality for S1 and S3 special products to Sales Orders, Product Invoices, Product Credits and Purchase Orders so that users can define VAT codes in the XLS rather than using the default settings in Config  (to match Sage functionality)

Version  2019.02.1

Added auto population of Settlement Terms from Customer on Product Invoices

Version  2018.10.2

Changed the default version of .Net from 2.0 to 4.5.1 to match other Red-IT products
Windows XP and Server 2003 are no longer supported operating systems for E2S


Version  2018.10.1

Added support for Sage 50 v25 (2019)
Added default tax codes for special items in Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Product Invoices, Product Credits
Added Supplier Price option
Added password encryption


Version  2018.06.1

Added Name, Address1-5, Contact and Telephone fields on Sales Order, Service Invoice, Service Credit, Product Invoice, Product Credit, Purchase Orders

Version  2018.04.1

Added Carriage data on Sales Orders, Service Invoices, Service Credits, Product Invoices, Product Credits, Purchase Orders

Added ExchRate field on Sales Orders, Service Invoices, Service Credits, Product Invoices, Product Credits, Purchase Orders

Version  2018.03.1

Changed config file backup location
Changed log file format to aid future interaction with other systems
Changed support email button to include log file info
Changed Project Ref field from 8 to 12 chars


Version  2017.10.1

Changed driver used for loading .xls files after Microsoft Windows Updates KB4041681 and KB4041676


Version  2017.09.1

Added support for Sage 50 v24 (2018)

Version  2017.08.1

Added NetValue Discount and NetValue Description fields to Sales Order load

Version  2017.06.1
New clean and simple interface with multi-load running option
A new 'Other Solutions' tab has been added
Added ExchRate field to SI/SC loads
Added Discount Band fields to Products load

Version  2017.04.1
Added Discount field to Product Credit, Service Invoice and Service Credit loads
Added Analysis1/2/3 fields to Purchase/Sales Order, Product Invoice/Credit, Service Invoice/Credit

Added Project Ref, Cost Code and Cost Price fields to Stock Adjustments load (Cost Price Adj In only)
Added Type to Prices load so Special Prices can be loaded
Changed Value field to UnitPrice in Service Invoice/Credit loads to avoid confusion
Removed list/find columns from example spreadsheets
Changed default spreadsheet to type xlsx


Version 2016.12.1

Added Nominal Code to Purchase Orders


Version 2016.10.1

Added Consignments Tab/Load for Orders and Invoices
Added ConsignNo to Product Invoices
Added Configuration option on Customer/Customer Address/Supplier/Supplier Address tabs to allow Blank Values to be overwritten/ignored as required.


Version 2016.09.1
Added support for Sage 50 v23 (2017)

Added new version checking method

Changed Customer load to use Default Tax Code from Customer Defaults Setting where no tax code

is entered into the DefTaxCode column on import

Added Ref field to Sales Receipts on Account


Version 2016.06.1
Added Proforma functionality to Product/Service Invoices
Added Qty field to Service Invoices/Credits
Added NetValue Discount and NetValue Description fields to Product and Service Invoice/Credit loads


Version 2016.05.1
Added Bank Transfers (not supported for multiple foreign currency transfers)
Added button to open Team Viewer to top of screen


Version 2016.03.1

Added Component Codes (BOM) 1-20 on Product records
Added button to open default spreadsheet directly at top of screen
Added button to open E2S Webshop/Website at top of screen


Version 2015.12.1

In Purchase Payments, added allocation of PI records (NOTE: in this release it is only working on single line PI records, multi line records will only allocate on the first line until the next release)

Removed Tax Code and Tax Amount fields from cash uploads to match Sage functionality (Sales Payments, Receipts, Receipts on Account and Purchase Receipts, Payments and Payments on Account). All will now load with tax code T9 and zero VAT


Version 2015.09.2

Added Ref, ExRef, UserName and ExchangeRate fields and foreign exchange functionality added to AuditTrail.


Version 2015.09.1

Added support for Sage 50 v22 (2016)

Added Project Only Transactions


Version 2015.07.1

Added Due Date to Purchase Orders

Added Discount Amount to Product Invoices/Credits 


Version 2015.06.1

Added Currency, TradeContact, Telephone2, Email2 & Email3 fields to Customers and Suppliers

Added WebDescription, WebDetails, WebPublish & WebSpecialOffer fields to Products

Added OrderRef to Sales Orders


Version 2015.05.2

Added Dept field to Product imports


Version 2015.05.1

Added Memo field to Customer and Supplier imports

Added Country field to Customer and Supplier Address imports

Added Description field to Sales Order imports

Licencing enhancements


Version 2015.04.1

Added MS SQL-server loads

Added Delivery Name and Address fields to Service Invoice and Credit imports

Enhanced log handling (new file created on startup when logfile over 1MB in size)

Better screen handling for different monitor resolutions


Version 2015.02.1

Added Update Ledgers functionality for Product and Service Invoices/Credits (Sage version 2015 onwards only)


Version 2014.12.1

Added record count on upload


Version 2014.11.1

Re-branding as E2S

Added ability to use .XLSX Excel files as well as .XLS

Added Configuration backup and restore functionality


Version 2014.10.1

Added support for updating Customer and Supplier Addresses as well as entering new addresses


Version 2014.09.2

Added support for Sage 50 v21 (2015)

Purchase Payments: Added field Discount Amount (used to create a PD record)


Version 2014.09.1

Sales Orders: Added fields Due Date Nominal Code Order Due Date Global Nominal Code


Version 2014.07.1

Updated Inter-company Journal Processing


Version 2014.06.1

Added foreign currency functionality to the following imports: Sales Credits Sales Receipts Sales Receipts on Account Sales Payments Version


Version 2014.04.2

Service Invoices: Added field Project

Purchase Orders: Added functionality Special items / Message line

Purchase Orders: Added fields Comment1 Comment2 LineInfo Units Description (for messages / special lines) Details (for special items)


Version 2014.04.1

Purchase Orders: Added functionality - Best Supplier Price

Sales Orders: Added functionality - Best Customer Price

Customers: Added fields Bank Name Bank Account Name Bank Address 1 Bank Address 2 Bank Address 3 Bank Address 4 Bank Address 5 Bank Sort Code Bank Account Number

Enhanced Log File New function to store old logs in 'Old Logs' sub-folder Browse and display old log files on new logs screen Added search functionality to the log screen

Enhanced Configuration Screen Added new folder search button for connector install folder Added new file selection button for Excel File to be used for imports


Version 2014.02.1

Donations: Added Gift Aid functionality

Increased special item details field to 240 characters

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